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Frances Purdy, Director

Frances Purdy, MEd JD  is the Director of the Certification Commission with the National Federat
ion of Families for Children’s Mental Health.  She is the parent of a child who experienced behavioral health challenges.  She came to the National Federation after eight years as the Executive Director of the Alaska Youth and Family Network where she instituted the use of Peer Navigators in schools, behavioral health centers, residential treatment and in the community.   Her previous experience in certification was as Executive Director of the Alaska Commission for Chemical Dependency Professionals Certification and with the development of the registration process for the American Art Therapy Association. She has managed child/adolescent residential treatment; youth-transition programs; battered women shelters; comprehensive domestic violence programs for women, men, and children; and taught special education in middle school special education and art therapy in graduate and medical schools.  She has authored over 16 articles and technical assistance manuals.  She has presented regularly at national and international conferences on the subject of children’s mental health, domestic violence and certification.

Peer Specialist Training and Certification Programs:A National Overview

 Georgia Certified Peer Specialist Project

Application process to be certified as a Peer Support Specialist:

Certified Parent Support Provider
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to serve on the
 Certification Commission for Family Support
The Governors of the Certification Commission for Family Support are responsible for all aspects of the CPSP and other credentials issued by this Commission  The duties include all policies and procedures having to do with eligibility requirements, test development, testing, certification, re-certification, appeals, and staff management.

Do you have a CPSP credential and have 3-4 hours a month to devote to ensuring the integrity of certification process?


Review the job description to be certain that the fit is right for you
  • Are you willing to perform the functions of governance of a certification entity
  • Are you committed to ensure that there is certification that is based    on "lived  experience" with additional training and supervision requirements?
  • Do you want to see the profession grow without it changing its values?

Read more about the role of a Governor on the Certification Commission for Family Support at Complete the application form  or call the staff for more information, 240-406-1472.




Frances Purdy, Director

Certification Commission  
for Family Support

The Certification Entity of the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health

Certified Parent Support Provider
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Submit your application and take the test within a week! Click on  CPSP Eligibility Application  to download the application and scholarship forms.



Become a Certified Parent Support Provider!

If you do parent or family support work, now is the time to apply for the CPSP credential and work with us to establish a strong professional identify built on your lived experience parenting a child with emotional, developmental, behavioral, substance use, or mental health challenges. 


Join with others in this field to formally document your expertise and training by obtaining your CPSP credential. Over the next year, as healthcare reform changes take effect in every state, possession of the CPSP credential will gain importance and may open up new funding opportunities for you and your organization.

The Certification Commission strongly encourages you to speak with your supervisor about this opportunity. The CPSP eligibility application can be found on our website at The application fee for two years is $350. That is less than 50 cents a day! Some applicants' agencies have paid this fee (especially at the end of a grant year.) If not,download and use one of the scholarship application forms.   


Parent Support Providers are coaching and mentoring family members to become more empowered. They help families navigate complex systems of funding and services. Parent Support Providers use their 'lived experience' as the parents of children or youth with similar challenges to help other families gain hope, find their voice, make community connections, and connect with the services and supports they need. Because no parent has to do it all,alone! 

We will host an informational call to review the application materials and answer questions. The next call is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th at 3 pm EST.  To access the call, please dial 1-559-726-1000. Conference ID 899210#.  Do download and review the application documents prior to the call.


For more information, please contact Frances Purdy at 240-406-1472

Frances Purdy
Certification Commission for Family Support

CPSP is the national credential for parent/family support. The Certification Commission for Family Support is the only entity awarding this credential.

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