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"Peer Specialist Training and Certification Programs A National Overview" 
( 101 pages; September 2012)

Laura Kaufman, M.A. 
Wendy Brooks, M.A. 
Michelle Steinley-Bumgarner, M.A. 
Stacey Stevens-Manser, Ph.D.  
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Program Description: 
Recovery Innovations of California believes that every person who 
wants to work can succeed in developing a meaningful career of 
their choice. Peers in the workforce help transform the mental health 
services delivery system with their unique skills and "been there" 
experience. Recovery Innovations of California trains and seeks to 
employ peers to work as recovery educators, peer counselors, 
recovery coaches, in-home crisis workers, and much more. 
Application on File No 
Certification or Licensure Peer Support Specialists 
Program Administrator/ 
Credentialing Agency Recovery Innovations, Inc. 
General Screening 
• High school diploma or GED 
• Complete a personal WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) in a 
Recovery Innovations class setting 
Exam Criteria 
Competency-based / Students will demonstrate their proficiency in the following skills: 
• Personal Development; Knowing Yourself 
o Recovery 
o The Power of Peer Support 
o Developing Self Esteem and Managing Self Talk 
o Community, Culture, and Environment 
o Meaning and Purpose 
o Emotional Intelligence 
• Turning Point; Preparing Yourself for Work 
o Telling Your Personal Story 
o Employment as a Path to Recovery 
o Ethics Training 
• Skill Development 
o Communication Skills 
o Conflict Resolution 
o Recovery from Trauma and Developing Resilience 
o Recovery from Substance Abuse 
o Being with People in Challenging Situations 
o Peer Support in Action; Partnering with Professionals 
o Graduation 
Requirements * 
∗ Indicates no information available in this area 

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International Association of Peer Support Specialists

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