Community Health Worker Initiative of Sonoma County


July 21, 2013

Dear Colleagues

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the formation of Indiana's first Community Health Worker Association! The Regional Leaders of the INCHWC are working toward establishing an official Association to represent the community health worker workforce. We will continue to be assisted by ISDH but this our moment to take ownership of an important effort in the healthcare in Indiana.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Indiana is projected to need a 27.6% increase of CHWs and a 21.8% increase of CHW supervisors by the year 2020. Through the development and ongoing support of the Indiana Community Health Worker Association, CHWs will stand ready to meet the growing public health and health services workforce shortages.  Indeed, through a professional association, we hope to offer training, technical assistance and service to CHWs, their employers and payers.

The Indiana Community Health Worker Coalition gave us the impetus to seek professional recognition and support for integrating CHWs into the public health and health care service delivery systems.  With the support of the more than 155 members and their respective agencies, Indiana's CHWs are well positioned to lead as trusted community and state health advisors.  Indeed, the Indiana State Department of Health has sought the INCHWA's commitment to serve as an advisory to the agency and its partners.

As we move toward developing the INCHWA, we will continue to work closely with the Indiana State Department of Health, its partners and you toward:


   Hosting the THURSDAY, SEPT 5TH SYMPOSIUM located at the Indiana Government Center South from 9:00 - 4:30 p.m. The focus for this year's symposium is educating and encouraging potential employers on the role and value of integrating CHWs in the primary care setting.  A number of highly esteemed CHWs, physicians, nurses and third-party payers will share insights, lessons learned and tips on practical application of CHWs in the public health and health services settings

   Finalizing a Scope of Practice that defines and recognizes the CHW workforce in Indiana

   Fully integrating CHWs into Indiana's public health infrastructure

The Indiana Community Health Worker Association's contact information follows:


  • Association e-mail:
  • Regional Leadership:
  • Facebook:
  • Meetings and Events:
  • Please watch the Facebook page for state and regional meetings and/or events.
  • Information Dissemination:
  • Please post opportunities on the INCHW Facebook page or e-mail
  • CHW Training and/or Technical Assistance:  Please contact the INCHWA at or visit the ISDH's webpage
  • To provide direct support to the Association, please contact Margarita Hart with Esperanza Ministries at or Judy Jacobs with WindRose Community Health Center at

ISDH will continue to work towards integrating CHWs into the workforce, maintain its website, provide meeting space, telephone conferencing resources and support to the INCHWA and its partners. 

On behalf of the new Indiana Community Health Worker Association, thank you for your unwavering support.

With gratitude,

The Indiana Community Health Worker Association


Margarita Hart - Regional Co-Chair
Serving Christ as director of Esperanza Ministries
Judy Jacobs - Regional Co-Chair
Outreach Manager for Windrose Community Health Center

317-881-HOPE -- office
317-697-0065 — cell
Please visit us at:  www. 

Margarita Hart
Serving Christ as director of
Esperanza Ministries

317-881-HOPE -- office
317-697-0065 — cell
Please visit us at:  www. 

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