Community Health Worker Initiative of Sonoma County

CHW Core Values

Core Values of

 Community Health Workers

 as defined by the

American Association of Community Health Workers

Adopted Core Values of CHWs 

Community Health Workers play a unique role in promoting well-being in our communities. We are the bridge between communities and traditional health care and human service systems. We work to build community capacity to ensure that communities are active participants in improving their health status. The foundation of Community Health Workers rests on the core values that define our profession. These core values are based on the history, unique role and ongoing development of our field.  Our core values reflect a broad definition of healthy communities and include:

 Value: Access

Ethical Principle: Community Health Workers strive to ensure equal access to services. All persons have the right to access health care, human services and support services needed to improve health

Value: Acceptance

Ethical Principle: Community Health Workers strive to remain open-minded and are accepting of others and our differences. We are inclusive and accepting on all levels.

Value: Advocacy

Ethical Principle: Community Health Workers advocate for communities, individuals and the field of community health work.  We develop the capacity of individuals and communities to advocate for themselves.

 Value: Excellence

Ethical Principle: Community Health Workers strive for excellence by providing quality services and the most accurate information available to individuals and communities.


     Value: Learning

Ethical Principle: Community Health Workers embrace learning as life long, including life experiences and traditional learning. We seek ongoing opportunities for education and training to expand our knowledge base and skills.


     Value: Partnership

Ethical Principle: Community Health Workers are partners in the design, implementation and evaluation of CHW programs. Communities, families and individuals are partners in determining their needs. We pursue equitable partnerships with other professionals including health care and social service providers.


  Value: Self-determination

Ethical Principle: Community Health Workers shall determine the direction of the field.  We will make the decisions concerning training and education best practices, policy development and define the field of community health workers.


  Value: Social Justice

Ethical Principle: Community Health Workers are agents of change. We pursue social change through work with community members to improve social conditions.


        Value: Strength

           Ethical Principle:  Community Health Workers assist families to acknowledge strengths and build upon them. All communities and families have strengths.


        Value: Trust

              Ethical Principle: Community Health Workers have earned the trust of individuals and communities. We respect that trust and work hard to maintain a trusting relationship with individuals and communities.


  Value: Unity

Ethical Principle:  Community Health Workers regardless of discipline, region of the country, job title, and work within or outside of traditional systems are unified in our work to reduce disparities.Welcome to the Anytown Community Organization. We have been serving the Anytown community for over a decade. Our organization is Anytown's finest. We do not require that you belong to any particular affiliation or possess any previous memberships to join our organization. We do ask that you support our organization through regular participation in activities.

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